Education and Training Committee

Ben Burns

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC - Falcon Chambers

Joanne Wicks QC - Wilberforce Chambers
Nick Vineall QC - 4 Pump Court

Anton van Dellen - Goldsmith Chambers
Fallon Alexis - QEB HW
Gemma de Cordova - Tanfield Chambers
James Hampson - Employed Bar
Kate Livesey - 4 Pump Court
Matthew Reeve - Quadrant Chambers
Naomi Madderson - 37 Park Square Chambers
Simon Crawshaw - Atkin Chambers
Simon Heptonstall - Crown Prosecution Service
Simon O'Toole - 5 Pump Court
Tamsin Cox - Falcon Chambers
Thomas Crockett - 1 Chancery Lane
Francesca O'Neill - 1 Chancery Lane
Gordon Stables - St Johns Buildings
India Burnett - HM Treasury Office 
Jonathan Goulding - Gough Square Chambers 


The Terms of Reference are:

  1. To provide careers advice to prospective barristers (of all backgrounds) about the Bar (including through outreach work in schools and universities)
  2. To provide information about the Bar and role of law through outreach work in schools and universities
  3. To keep under review the arrangements for qualification and training for practice as a barrister and propose any changes to the BSB;
  4. To keep under review policy and practice for continuing professional development and propose any changes in policy to BSB;
  5. To provide advice and services to chambers and other bodies seeking to recruit and train barristers;
  6. To identify areas where barristers require additional training/professional development;
  7. To respond to proposals from the BSB, the Law Society, the Inns' Council, the Legal Services' Board and other bodies in respect of the education and training of lawyers generally