The Bar of England and Wales is very internationally orientated. A significant proportion of its members have an international practice and that number is increasing all the time. Clients in need of international legal advocacy or advisory services in any field of law can find the right experts at the English Bar.

For all enquiries related to international relations and international practice issues please contact a member of the International Relations team.

The International Committee and team work to promote both the interests of the Bar and the rule of law abroad in the following ways:


Strengthening links with overseas bar associations and international legal bodies

The Bar Council has close links with bar associations in other jurisdictions and is a member of the Council of European Bars and Law Societies, the International Bar Association, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, the International Council of Advocates and Barristers, and the International Criminal Bar. It works actively with these and other bodies to develop international rules and standards for the profession, as well as providing networking opportunities for barristers at their conferences.

Representing the Bar in Brussels

The Bar Council maintains a Brussels Office which allows us to monitor legal developments within the European Union, influence debates on major regulatory and law reform issues and promote the interests of the Bar to the EU institutions.

International business development

The International Committee and team provide a wide variety of services to help members of the Bar develop their international practices.

These include organising promotional missions to priority jurisdictions, hosting incoming legal delegations, organising exhibition stands and networking events at international legal conferences, running a grants scheme for young barristers to attend international events, publishing brochures to market the Bar overseas and much more. We work closely in this area with the Specialist Bar Associations and circuits to ensure strategy and activities reflect members' interests. Please visit the EventsOpportunitiesBusiness development missions and Placement and Exchange programmes pages for the current programme of activities.

Promoting the rule of law

The Bar Council is committed to upholding the rule of law in the UK and around the world and has recently set up the Rule of Law Group. Many of our members advocate in human rights and constitutional cases in this country and around the world. The Bar Council speaks out whenever and wherever rule of law crises occur and will engage with other lawyers’associations to share best practice on regulatory or professional standards matters.

Rule of Law Group

The legal profession is a key element in the rule of law architecture. The Rule of Law Group of the International Committee works with foreign legal professions, governments and legal institutions to strengthen the rule of law by providing technical assistance and training programmes. For more information please contact Sarah Richardson

Annual international rule of law lecture

The annual International Rule of Law Lecture engages the profession with current issues concerning the rule of law.

International practice

The International Committee has produced a note on the new rules on international practice as contained in the Bar Standard Board's 2014 Handbook (in force as of 6 January 2014), explaining how they differ from the old rules.

For more information, see international practice.