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Before using any information on matters of professional practice or ethics published on this website, or taking advantage of the Ethical Enquiries Service, please click here to read some  Important Information and Disclaimer about the terms on which you may do so.

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The Bar Council has published many documents to assist barristers on matters of professional conduct and ethics. These include Questions and Answers (formerly known as Frequently Asked Questions).

These documents are not "guidance" for the purposes of the BSB Handbook I6.4, and neither the BSB nor a disciplinary tribunal nor the Legal Ombudsman is bound by any views or advice expressed in them. They do not comprise - and cannot be relied on as giving - legal advice. They have been prepared in good faith, but neither the Bar Council nor any of the individuals responsible for or involved in their preparation accept any responsibility or liability for anything done in reliance on them. For fuller information as to the status and effect of these documents, please refer to the professional practice and ethics section of the Bar Council's website here.

All documents appearing in this section have been reviewed in the light of the BSB Handbook which became operative on 6 January 2014. If you are in any doubt about the status of, or cannot find, a particular document, please call the Ethical Enquiries Service on 020 7611 1307.

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