Bar Council Releases Strategic Plan 2014 to 2017

1 April 2014

The Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, today released its Strategic Plan, which outlines the organisation's strategic goals for the next three years.

The Plan provides a clear blueprint for the Bar Council's future activities, which include a strong focus on ensuring the development of the justice system, promoting and improving the services and functions of the Bar as a whole, and ensuring individual barristers have the support they require.

The Bar Council's Plan comprises eight strategic aims which will provide the framework for the organisation's future activities, each including a number of defined objectives.

The Plan was approved by Bar Council and the profession was consulted on its contents.

Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of the Bar Council, said:

"We are seeing change all around us in the way in which legal services are being delivered. It is imperative that we are providing relevant and strategic support to all of our members. It is also important that we make the most effective use possible of our resources, whilst delivering market-leading services.

"The next three years will be a time of challenge and opportunity for the Bar, and for the Bar Council. This Strategic Plan establishes a course of action and ensures that this organisation has a clear sense of purpose and strategy.

"All of our work will be firmly underpinned by our organisational values: fairness, respect, integrity, excellence and value for money.

"We are fortunate to have the commitment and expertise of a very large number of barristers who contribute to our work, and the excellent support of our highly professional executive team. We look forward to meeting and exceeding the objectives which we have set ourselves in the years ahead."


Notes to Editors

1. Further information is available from the Bar Council Press Office on 020 7222 2525 and

2. To read the Strategic Plan in full, please click here.

3. The  Bar Council represents barristers in England and Wales. It promotes: 

  • The Bar's high quality specialist advocacy and advisory services

  • Fair access to justice for all

  • The highest standards of ethics, equality and diversity across the profession, and

  • The development of business opportunities for barristers at home and abroad. 

The General Council of the Bar is the Approved Regulator of the Bar of England and Wales. It discharges its regulatory functions through the independent Bar Standards Board.