Contractual Terms

On the 31 January 2013, Standard Contractual Terms replaced the commonly used terms of engagement for barristers taking instructions from solicitors, (the Terms of Work and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme).

The BSB Handbook (previously the Code of Conduct) was also amended so that the 'cab rank rule' applies to instructions offered on the basis of new Standard Contractual Terms or the barrister's own published terms of engagement. This means, instead of the cab rank rule applying to the previous Terms of Work, it will apply to these Contractual Terms or the barrister's own published terms.

Guidance  has been published by the Bar Council on the implications of the change and on the new Terms themselves. Included in the Guidance is information on the List of Defaulting Solicitors and other Authorised Persons, which replaces the Withdrawal of Credit scheme.

Standard Contractual Terms 

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Contractual Terms for use in civil (non-family) legal aid work

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