• 20 August 2015 - Karim Khalil QC and Andrew Campbell-Tiech QC guest blog for the Bar Council on the recent merger of Drystone Chambers. They share some compelling points from the merger process, which includes the need to diversify, the purpose of a set of chambers, the legal structure of Drystone Chambers, and building trust and confidence.

  • 6 August 2015 - Opportunities for barristers to tender for work in Wales are on the horizon. The National Procurement Service (NPS) for Wales will very shortly be issuing an Invitation to Tender exercise to establish a Legal Services by Barristers Framework Agreement for use by all Welsh Public Sector Organisations (PSOs). With the opportunities to secure these contracts extending beyond the Welsh border to barristers in England, Karen Squibb-Williams, Head of Acorn Chambers, explains what’s involved for those barristers considering bidding for work for the first time

  • 6 August 2015 - Daniel J ShenSmith, co-founder of ShenSmith Barristers, explains how his own experience as a client of direct access barristers impressed him so much that he set up ShenSmith Barristers and deployed new technologies to make life as easy as possible for anyone to tap into the services of a barrister.