Student's eye view of the Annual Bar Conference

26 November 2015

                                   Rebecca Morgan

Part time BPTC student and 'Lawyer in the Making' blogger, Rebecca Morgan, provides a student's eye view of the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference, which took place in October 2015. Read Rebecca's piece on why events like these are important not only for barristers, but also students.

As a part time BPTC student I thought it was really important to attend the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference this year and I am so glad that I did.

I booked onto the conference back in June and I started the BPTC in September.  I even made the decision to still attend the Conference despite it falling on my Saturday weekend class.

These events are fundamental for barristers but also students.  They are packed full of legal news, useful insights, skills and tips and also commercial and current awareness - something which is necessary no matter what stage you are at of your legal career.  But exceptionally important for any students with Pupillage interviews looming as the Conference provides an honest insight into where the legal profession is going over the coming year. 

Students can get this information from the news and legal magazines and journals, but to hear it first hand really does resonate.  Plus you also get to discuss matters with barristers and how changes and developments will have a positive/negative impact on their practice and what they are going to be doing as a result.

And as much as I hate the word 'networking' it also provides a great opportunity for that.  I was sat with barristers and judges during each of the sessions I chose to attend and when we were introducing ourselves before each session, being a "BPTC student" certainly proved to be a talking point - especially in the BSB Handbook session!  I even managed to secure a Mini Pupillage.

The conference had a brilliant set of sessions and it was one of those events where I personally would have wanted to attend lots of them (at the same time!) but I made the decision to attend the ones that would help me most in terms of the BPTC.  The topics covered and the questions that were asked after sessions created a lot of discussion and food for thought.

One thing I really noticed at the event was that as much as it was a conference it was also a chance for people to catch up with fellow barristers.  I ended up spending the day with a friend (who I didn't know was attending) and he introduced me to a lot of barristers he knew as well!

I could not write about the event and not mention the amazing and very inspiring opening and closing key notes, for me they were one of the best parts of the conference and the messages given will keep me focused and determined when I am studying for my exams late into the night.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this event (given the current legal market) would leave students feeling disheartened about entering the profession but I left feeling even more inspired and determined to make a difference and succeed.  I am not naive to the difficulties in securing a Pupillage but hope that by attending these events and having a proper understanding of the way the legal profession is heading over the coming years that it will help!

So if you are a student I would highly recommend attending next year plus it was full of freebies (very much like the law fairs) and lots of chocolate!

Rebecca Morgan

Lawyer In The Making