Guest blog: Choosing the right wellbeing support

20 July 2017

Wellbeing and Life Coach Kuki Taylor shares her top tips for choosing the right kind of support wellbeing support.

Kuki Taylor

Support beyond gallows humour comradery?

"Wellbeing" and "coaching" are prescient but how do you know who to go to for genuine support?

In short, anyone promising you the moon and stars is probably not to be trusted.

I have dedicated to and succeeded in the social good sector for over ten years so making money, regardless of ethics, is really not my thing. Neither is freewheeling, hippy balderdash. I really just want people to be happy and perform to the absolute best of their ability in a space without curtailment hence I am very happy to give these tips away for free and you can pursue your course with or without me. As you wish.

Like any financial endeavour it is largely common sense.  Here are my top tips:

  1. Know what you want - this is the hardest part and is likely to change once you are committed to seeking professional support

  2. Find someone genuine -  this is tricky, the truth is the coaching in the UK is unregulated, coaches and have various "qualifications" so you need to speak to them directly about what they are really offering and why

  3. Be honest, is this for your team or for you? Very recently I had a rather rarefying experience with an organisation whereby the latent negativity and lack of productivity was (to the outsider) clearly coming from the higher echelons of administration as personified by a single "leader"

  4. Reality check - it is going to be a challenging process, anyone telling you different is a magical bean-seller, check their testimonies from previous clients

  5. Be comfortable with you - there is every possibility that being honest and open with your nearest and dearest more often (as opposed to the usual volcanic eruption at Christmas) is the best start, and being comfortable with that is another great leap of achievement

  6. Beware the Dr of Criticism & Template Platitudes - you can get that from your in-laws for freeā€¦

This summer, I am offering bitesize free lunch/suppertime introductions to coaching so do get in touch. Very happy to just sit in a quiet office and have a confidential ad-hoc drop-in introductory service if you think that would help your organisation too.

I have been conducting a fact-finding mission for the past year across the legal sector and continue to do so; please do get in touch if you wish to have a private and frank chat beyond Chancery Lane.

Just drop me a line.

Atlas & the Thinker is the confidential and discreet public house that is always open for you.

Kuki Taylor

Wellbeing and Life Coach