The Bar Council is working tirelessly, both domestically and beyond our shores, in the interests of the profession and the public, to try to secure the best possible outcome for the BREXIT negotiations and to safeguard relations with the EU on legal matters going forward.  This work is coordinated by the Bar's BREXIT Working Group, drawing on the expertise and experience of practitioners from a wide range of practice areas, to ensure that the public debate is informed, existing rights are protected so far as possible in the future EU-UK relationship, and the rule of law upheld.

The Brexit Papers

One tangible product of this work is the Bar's Brexit Papers, which offer Government, parliamentarians, the media and the public a concise and informative evaluation, in an accessible format, of the legal challenges posed by leaving the EU, their practical implications for the economy and society, and recommendations to Government. 

To date, 25 such papers have been published, some dealing with cross-sectoral issues such as enforcement of judgments and others targeted at issues raised in particular legal areas, such as family, criminal, environment and intellectual property law.  They can be read individually or together (see links below).

Spring 2018 - what now?

Time is of the essence.  Following agreement on the first phase issues at the end of last year, the detail behind the Withdrawal Agreement is now being defined; the principle of a Transition Period has been agreed and its terms are being negotiated, and formal negotiations on the framework for the future relationship are due to begin later this spring.  Behind the scenes, both the EU27 and the UK are actively informing and defining their negotiating positions, and we as a Bar are supporting this work.  If the Article 50 TFEU timetable is to be adhered to, all these strands need to be brought together by the end of this year. 

The Bar's focus

Increasingly, the Bar's work has focussed on analysis of the respective offers by the EU and the UK in specific areas of these negotiations.  We are striving to produce constructive suggestions and solutions to fundamental problems like the protection of rights; facilitating access to justice and continuing judicial cooperation; enforcement and dispute resolution; the provision of legal services and potential models for the future relationship, to name but a few of the topics on which we are engaged.  We are examining and inputting our views on domestic developments, in particular the legislative passage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and any supplementary legislation that will arise. 

This page, and the links below, will be updated regularly. 

Press releases and media statements

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