Transforming Legal Aid consultation responses

1 July 2013

Over the past few days we have been contacted by a number of barristers, solicitors and other respondents to the Ministry of Justice's (MoJ)Transforming Legal Aid consultation who have received emails from the MoJ saying that the emails containing their responses have been deleted unread.

The Chairman of the Bar has spoken with senior officials at the MoJ this morning to raise our concerns directly. We have been told that:

  • Every consultation response is being read by an MoJ official.

  • The Department has been made aware of an IT glitch which generates these messages erroneously, and officials are working to resolve it. This may be related either to out-of-office messages being received and deleted unread or as a result of the MoJ's administrative processes. 

  • The MoJ has been contacted by some people concerned they have not received their response as a result of this message. On each occasion it has reassured them that the messages have been received and their consultation response is being read.

  • Anyone receiving such a notification should email: and they will be very happy to provide confirmation that their response has been received.