The Bar in society - Barristers making a difference

2 November 2013

Please click  here to view the Bar's Social Responsibility publication, The Bar in society - Barristers making a difference.

The Bar Council has published ' The Bar in society - Barristers making a difference', which outlines the valuable contribution many barristers make to the communities they work and live in, and the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Bar Council. 

The Bar donates considerable time, free-of-charge, to legal pro bono work and to improving the knowledge and skills of its members through teaching and training. In addition, many barristers volunteer for charities, outside of their working lives, further benefitting the communities they live in.

The Bar Council, as an organisation which is largely funded by its members, always looks to operate in the most cost-effective and considerate manner. It contributes to a number of initiatives which help members of society to understand their legal rights and responsibilities, and ensure fair access to the Bar to anyone with the talent to succeed. It also looks to work in an environmentally-friendly manner and supports the Bar with a variety of initiatives which promote diversity in the workplace, female retention and flexible working.

Through the leadership of Maura McGowan QC, Chairman of the Bar 2013, the Bar Council has set out eight pledges which it has committed to over the next year. These can be read on the last page of the publication.