Update to the profession: Very High Cost Cases

11 November 2013

Update to the profession on Very High Cost Cases: In order to bring in the 30 per cent cuts to the rates in these cases the Ministry of Justice has laid two Statutory Instruments which are intended to come into effect on Monday 2 December 2013.

That means that anyone holding such a case, who decides they do not want to accept work on the proposed new terms, must give notice of that intention in writing by Sunday 1 December 2013.

We understand that email is not an acceptable form of notice but fax will suffice. We have invited the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee and the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments to investigate the propriety of the Ministry's action at their next meeting.

You do not need to do anything until we know what happens at that meeting. We will let you know as soon as possible. It is vital that everyone has all the necessary information before making any decision.