Bar Council and Law Society welcome Global Law Summit 2015: Promoting UK legal services and commemorating Magna Carta

7 October 2013

The Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, and the Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, have today formally welcomed the launch of the Global Law Summit, which will be held in London in February 2015.

The Summit, backed by the UK Government, will take place in a year which marks an opportunity to commemorate, celebrate and embrace 800 years of legal history, which have inspired lawyers and non-lawyers alike for generations and of which the UK is incredibly proud.

The Global Law Summit will be a world-class international conference, which will showcase UK law and business and will promote the Rule of Law.

 Maura McGowan QC, Chairman of the Bar, comments:

"I am delighted to lend the Bar's support to the Global Law Summit, which promises to be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate internationally the strength of our lawyers and our judiciary, and to promote the importance of the Rule of Law in all legal systems.

"Our legal infrastructure provides essential support for businesses around the world. The 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta is a cause for great celebration. The UK is fiercely, and rightly, proud of its distinguished legal history. Hosting a legal Summit of this kind in a global legal and financial centre is a fitting way of marking its continuing relevance and vital importance."

Nicholas Fluck, President of the Law Society, comments:

"UK law firms are one of Britain's export success stories. Businesses all over the world depend on high quality, modern legal services to ensure a properly regulated, efficient and ethical marketplace.

"It is no accident that more than half of the world's leading law firms have headquarters in London. They recognise that the UK is a global legal centre. The Global Law Summit is an opportunity for the UK to showcase this and a chance to build relationships across markets and jurisdictions." 


Notes to Editor:

1. For more information about the Global Law Summit, please click here.

2. The  Law Society is the independent professional body, established for solicitors in 1825, that works globally to support and represent its members, promoting the highest professional standards and the rule of law.

3. The  Bar Council represents barristers in England and Wales. It promotes: 

  • The Bar's high quality specialist advocacy and advisory services

  • Fair access to justice for all

  • The highest standards of ethics, equality and diversity across the profession, and

  • The development of business opportunities for barristers at home and abroad. 

The General Council of the Bar is the Approved Regulator of the Bar of England and Wales. It discharges its regulatory functions through the independent Bar Standards Board.