Update to the profession: Advocacy Training Council update to toolkits

28 July 2014

Update to the profession: The Advocacy Training Council's 'The Advocate's Gateway', which hosts a wide range of resources which offer guidance and best practice for advocates, has updated its range of toolkits.

Following the launch of The Advocate's Gateway last year, extensive work has been completed to provide up-to-date materials aimed at improving case management and advocacy in cases with a vulnerable witness or defendant.

The Advocate's Gateway website houses an extensive catalogue of resources to assist in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants, including materials on procedure, as well as relevant articles and reports.

The latest toolkits available are:

Toolkit 9: Planning to Question Someone Using a Remote Link

Toolkit 10: Identifying Vulnerability in Witnesses and Defendants

Toolkit 11: Planning to Question Someone Who is Deaf

Toolkit 12: General Principles When Questioning Witnesses and Defendants with Mental Disorder