Bar Council extends deadline for 2014 Legal Reporting Awards

10 October 2014

Due to ongoing interest, the Bar Council has extended the deadline for the 2014 Legal Reporting Awards to 17 October 2014.

The Bar Council set up the annual Legal Reporting Awards 23 years ago to recognise print and broadcast journalists whose work contributes to a greater public understanding of legal issues.

The Awards comprise of two categories: Print and Broadcast, with a £1,000 prize awarded to the winner of each category.

Entries should be articles (online and print), features or programmes which promote an understanding of the law in the public interest, published or broadcast between 1 October 2013 and 30 September 2014. There is a maximum of two entries per person.

The judging panel will comprise a mixture of barrister and journalists and the awards will be announced and presented at the Annual Bar Conference on Saturday 8 November 2014.

Last year's winner in the broadcast category was Brian King who was chosen for an episode of 'Unreliable Evidence', broadcast in May 2013 onBBC Radio 4,which looked at the legal rights of cohabitating couples. The episode, presented by Clive Anderson, offered viewers an insightful and engaging discussion and interrogated some commonly-held views around the joint legal rights of cohabiters. The judging panel praised the programme for seeking to inform people of their rights and responsibilities, and was impressed with the clarity and accessibility of the discussion.

In the print category, Owen Bowcott and Maya Wolfe-Robinson were jointly awarded the prize for the second year running, for their article 'Gay Jamaicans sue over homophobic laws', published on 27 October 2012 inThe Guardian. The article explored the dangers of being openly gay in Jamaica, and its powerful messages reminded readers of the significance and impact of having political and legal institutions which are committed to upholding human rights and the rule of law.


Notes to editors:

1.  For further information please call the Bar Council Press Office on 020 7222 2525 or email

2.  Please submit five hard copies of each entry to:

            Jennifer Duncan
            The Bar Council
            289-293 High Holborn
            London WC1V 7HZ

3.  Previous winners: 


1991 Joshua Rozenberg

1992 Jon Silverman

1993-4 Marcel Berlins

1994-5 Jon Silverman

1995-6 Marcel Berlins

1996-7 BBC Current Affairs

1997-8 Kent Barker

1998-9 Mark Whitaker

1999-00 Joshua Rozenberg - Special Award

2000-01 Jon Silverman

2001-02 Jon Silverman

2002-03 Above the Title productions Ltd

2003-04 Mark Easton & Channel 4 News

2004-05 Channel 4 News

2005-06 More4 News

2006-7 Danny Shaw, BBC

2007-8 Clive Coleman, BBC

2008-9 Joshua Rozenberg, BBC

2009-10 Laurie Taylor and Charlie Taylor, BBC

2010-11 Lucy Bailey and Laura Lynch, BBC

2011-12 Danny Shaw, BBC

2012-13 Brian King, Above the Title


1991 John Carvel

1992 Duncan Campbell

1993-4 Frances Gibb

1994-5 Stephen Ward

1995-6 Roger Smith

1996-7 Clare Dyer

1997-8 Danny Shaw

1998-9 Linda Tsang

1999-00 Jean Eaglesham

2000-01 Joshua Rozenberg

2001-02 Robert Verkaik

2002-03 Grania Langdon-Down

2003-04 Mary Riddell

2004-05 Jon Robins

2005-06 Frances Gibb

2006-7 Mary Riddell

2007-8 James Lewis

2008-9 Jonathan Rayner

2009-10 Claire Ruckin

2010-11 Caroline Binham

2011-12 Owen Bowcott and Maya Wolfe-Robinson

2012-13 Owen Bowcott and Maya Wolfe-Robinson


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