Civil Justice Council in search of a barrister

9 March 2015

The Civil Justice Council is seeking a barrister member to join its ranks. The role will require the successful candidate to:

  • Participate in quarterly Council meetings using your experience and expertise;
  • Monitor the progress of the work programme and the operation of its working parties;
  • Consider draft proposals for civil justice reform and consultation responses submitted by its working parties;
  • Chair or sit on time-limited working parties as required depending on your availability;
  • Act as ambassador for the Council where appropriate.

The Civil Justice Council is an advisory non-departmental public body established by the Civil Procedure Act 1997 whose function is to oversee the civil justice system and to recommend reforms to government. The Council is funded by the Ministry of Justice. Since 1 October 2010, it has been sponsored by the Judicial Office - the body of civil servants set up to support the judiciary following the introduction of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.

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