Bar Council expands support for mature students and career changers

28 May 2015

The Bar Council is expanding its support for mature students and those wishing to change careers with the launch of a new careers information session. 

The Bar Council receives high volumes of enquiries from people from a wide spectrum of society looking for advice on how to be become a barrister, many of whom have specialist knowledge, which supports a second career at the Bar. 

The career event, which takes place on 22 June, will outline the different routes into, and the qualifications required, to enter the legal profession. It aims to provide a real insight into life as a legal practitioner for the more experienced candidates and will include application tips, interview skills and ways to boost employability. 

A panel session with current pupils and junior barristers will be held later in the evening, followed by a speed networking session with a variety of chambers, where attendees will be able to meet practitioners and learn more about their experiences in the legal profession. 

Alistair MacDonald QC, Chairman of the Bar, said: 

"Statistically, individuals who have experience in other areas outside of law have performed well at the Bar and built successful practices drawing on these previous skills. For example, those with a medical background can specialise in medical negligence. Similarly, former IT or business professionals can specialise in intellectual property.  They are not limited to fields in which their previous work is directly relevant, however.  Their general experience of life, and what makes people tick, make them excellent candidates for a second career in law. 

"Choosing to become a barrister opens up the possibility of embarking upon one of the most dynamic and challenging careers available. A modern and credible legal profession must be diverse, as well as inclusive, if it is to represent its clients from all parts of society. 

"We hope this event will provide prospective barristers with the information needed to help them decide whether or not a career at the Bar is the right path for them."



Notes to editors:

1. Further information is available from the Bar Council Press Office on 020 7222 2525 and

2. More information on the Career Day for Mature Students and Career Changers can be viewed here.

3. The event flyer can be viewed here.

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