Update to the profession: candidates for the 2017 Bar Council elections

23 September 2016

The candidates who are standing in the election for the 2017 Bar Council have been announced. Ballot papers are being issued by the Bar Council, and must be returned to arrive at the Bar Council Offices not later than 10:00 on 19 October 2016.  Candidate statements can be read here (self-employed Bar) and here (employed Bar). The election will be conducted by single transferable vote and the results of the elections will be announced by listing successful candidates in the order of voter preference. 

Self-employed Queen's Counsel (2 full-term vacancies)

There were two candidates in this category who are duly elected.

  1. Nicholas Bacon QC

  2. Paul Mendelle QC

Self-employed Juniors over seven years in practice(7 full-term vacancies and 2 one-year vacancies)

  1. Chris Bryden

  2. Sydney Chawatama

  3. Neil Garrod

  4. Jonathan Goulding

  5. Andrew Granville Stafford

  6. Max Hardy

  7. Eleena Misra

  8. Grace Yu Mae Ong

  9. Tanveer Qureshi

  10. John-Paul Swoboda

  11. Leanne Targett-Parker

  12. David Christopher Taylor

The successful candidates with the least number of votes will be appointed for the shorter terms.

Self-employed Juniors under seven years in practice (2 full-term vacancies)

  1. Puneet Grewal

  2. Rupert Jones

  3. Benjamin Seifert

Employed QCs or Juniors over seven years in practice (3 full-term vacancies)

  1. Narita Bahra

  2. Shelley Brownlee

  3. James Kitching

  4. Adrianna McDonnell

  5. Gareth Minty

  6. Raza Mithani

  7. Ryan Ritcher

  8. Thomas Spencer

Employed Juniors under seven years in practice (2 full-term vacancies, 2 two-year vacancies and 1 one-year vacancy)

  1. India Burnett

  2. Diana Deju

  3. Katie Drummond

  4. Maanas Jain

  5. Max Kaufman

  6. Matthew Kewley

  7. Samuel Main

  8. James Edward McSweeney

  9. Ben Rowe