UPDATE: JAC Recorder 2017 selection exercise

15 February 2017

We are aware that candidates for the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) Recorder 2017 selection exercise experienced difficulties in taking the online qualifying test on the evening of 15 February. We can well understand the difficulties, as well as the distress and inconvenience, this will have caused.

Following Bar Council's representations to the JAC, the Chief Executive of the JAC confirmed that he had contacted all Recorder candidates in order to apologise to them for this regrettable incident, which had been caused by technical problems. He said that no candidate would be disadvantaged as a result. In a further communication, on 16 February, the JAC announced  that they had decided to invite all candidates to proceed to the second stage (written scenario test) of this multi-stage selection process.

The next stage of the test will take place during the week of 6 March and the JAC will be in touch with candidates again to confirm the exact arrangements. 

For further information, please refer to: https://jac.judiciary.gov.uk/news/recorder-qualifying-test-update-thursday-16-february