Whitestone Chambers (deadline 15 July)

Whitestone Chambers has a vacancy for a third six pupil. The deadline for applications is 15 July 2022 however, we will be interviewing before that date based on applications received. A pupil can expect to bill in the region of £25,000 during the six months.

3DJB (no deadline)

3 Dr Johnson's Buildings are looking to recruit a 3rd six pupil to join chambers.

Criminal legal aid fee increases a welcome first step, but next stages critical to rebuilding justice system, says Bar Council

Joint statement from the YBC and Young CBA on support for young barristers

The Officers of the Bar Council Young Barristers’ Committee and the Young CBA have issued a joint statement to young criminal barristers.

SLAPP: A question of definition?

The UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition is calling for legal reforms to protect the public interest

Advocate: Created by the Bar, Sustained by the Bar - Justice Week 2022

It’s never too early, or too late, to start volunteering for Advocate, says Rebecca Wilkie

The importance of free legal representation for people who can’t afford it - Justice Week 2020

FRU represents hundreds of people each year when there are tens of thousands of people who need help

Barristers in international arbitration brochure 2022

Key features of international arbitration – the challenges and opportunities it presents to disputing parties and their legal advisers; The advantages which barristers bring to international arbitration; Services provided by barristers in international arbitration; and How to involve a barrister to assist in an international arbitration.