The Bar Council’s Race Awareness Training Guide is designed to increase understanding of race and promote anti-racism at the Bar. Materials include a summary of legal and regulatory duties, as well as explaining different types of racism.

The training materials are free of charge and designed to support delivery within your organisation of a three-part course to raise awareness of race equality issues at the Bar through discussion; they will also support action planning. Designed for around 20 participants, the course can be held in-person or online. The course must be delivered to your participants free of charge.

Please read the information below before downloading the guide at the bottom of the page.

The guide is supported by a free of charge 'train the trainer' session (How to deliver the Bar Council’s Race Awareness Training: Facilitation course), open to anyone who intends to deliver the training. Complete the form below to be informed about future training dates.

The approach and timings can be adapted to suit, but we strongly recommend the following:

Recommended format and timings

  • Part 1: information on race and racism at the Bar; followed by exercises and scenario-based discussions to apply the learning (1.5 hours)
  • Part 2: carried out independently, based on a reading and viewing list provided to support reflection and research (in participants' own time)
  • Part 3: equips participants with practical tools and resources to help them respond to racial inequality and explores how to be an ‘anti-racist’ (1 hour)

Areas covered by the course

  • Overview of facts about racial inequality at the Bar
  • Summary of key types of racism
  • Exploration of the effects that racism can have on individuals and groups
  • Scenario based discussions and exercises
  • Practical steps to support taking action, getting support, and being an ally

Why undertake the course?

  • Gain awareness of facts and statistics about race at the Bar, and in society
  • Understand different forms of racism to recognise racist behaviours and respond appropriately
  • Learn from others through conversations and case studies
  • Access important resources for empowerment through knowledge
  • Develop practical strategies for responding to racism and racial inequality

Who should attend?

All barristers, chambers' staff, practice managers, clerks, Inns of court staff.


The course offers up to 2.5 hours of CPD, dependent on the format of training that is adopted.

Download the guide