Promoting the importance and contributions of employed barristers: This is both to other practitioners in the profession, as well as to the wider public. This is achieved through networking events, seminars, and the biennial Employed Bar Awards.
Increasing employed Bar pupillages: Raising awareness of existing employed pupillages, re-invigorating employed pupillage, and encouraging employed barristers to apply for their organisations to become Approved Pupillage Providers, are all important objectives for the EBC. Our aim is to increase the opportunities for bar students to become qualified as barristers.
Encouraging secondments: Secondments for both barristers into chambers and self-employed barristers into organisations and firms. 
Removing unnecessary restrictions on employed barristers: There are still restrictions for employed barristers to be members of some Specialist Bar Associations and Circuits There are also some restrictions on part-time judicial appointments for employed barristers. Where appropriate, we have been lobbying for these restrictions to be removed and have had some success in recent years.
James Kitching and Lucinda Orr
Co-Chairs of the Bar Council's Employed Barristers Committee 2019