English Law Week meets Russian Law Week speaking opportunities

Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 November 2020

Following the success of last year's 10th anniversary of the organisation of English/Russian Law Week, the Bar Council and the Law Society, in cooperation with our partners, are this year organising a special virtual bridging event, which will encompass issues of both Russian law and English law.

Our partners for this event are the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, the Moscow Chamber of Advocates, the St Petersburg Chamber of Advocates, the Anglo-Russian Law Association, and the British Russian Law Association.

This year's event will continue to celebrate the friendships, legal links and business between the two countries and will take stock of the events held during the past 10 years. Speakers from leading UK and Russian firms, institutions and corporations will give their perspective on the legal services market in both jurisdictions.

The application deadline for speaking opportunities at this event has now passed.

Visit the event booking page to attend as a delegate

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Alexandra.Squires-McCarthy@lawsociety.org.uk.