Help us support the Young Bar in 2021

While the results from the recent 2021 Barristers' Working Lives survey of the whole Bar are being analysed, the Bar Council needs your help in planning how to use the survey's findings to support the Young Bar with the most practical and useful policies and initiatives.

We invite all members of the Young Bar to join us at a 90-minute online focus groups to discuss and explore some of the issues most relevant to young barristers which were commonly raised in Barristers' Working Lives survey responses. As a focus group participant, you should be prepared to talk about your experiences and observations of working life at the Bar and listen supportively to other attendees.

The sessions will be held under the Chatham House rule. All contributions will anonymous, and the sessions will be facilitated by an independent career development organisation (CRAC, The Careers Research and Advisory Centre) with no attendees from the Bar Council or any other organisations.

Session dates

All sessions are now full. The outcomes from the groups will be included in a report which will be shared with the young Bar later in the year.