The Bar Council Pupillage Fair

Date: 21 November 2015

Time: 10:00 - 15:00

Lincoln's Inn, London

On Saturday 21 November 2015, the Bar Council will be holding the first Pupillage Fair which has been designed by the Bar specifically for the Bar. The day will provide a key opportunity for any student looking for a career at the Bar to meet and engage with chambers or other pupillage providers.

Please click here to be taken to the Fair website.

For the student

The Pupillage Fair allows all students looking towards a career at the Bar to meet with a number of key representatives, not just from chambers but also from course providers, who will be able to offer advice. As the Fair is being delivered by the Bar Council, there will be representatives and information available about all aspects of life at the Bar. Many students may have a clear idea of the path they wish to follow, however, attending the Fair provides a unique opportunity to:

  • learn about all areas of the Bar and ask questions to those in the best position to provide advice
  • speak to representatives from different Specialist Bar Associations to provide the best insight into different practice areas
  • speak to others who have been through pupillage or those from key committees who can offer advice about starting your journey at the Bar, and
  • learn about the Pupillage Gateway, the online application system for pupillage operated by the Bar Council.

For the pupillage provider

For the first time this year, the Bar Council is running a Pupillage Fair designed specifically to meet the needs of both students and training providers across the Bar. The Fair enables us to provide the full suite of pupillage products for all students and providers to use to allow a smooth transition for all involved from student to pupil.

The Bar Council wants to ensure that all pupillage providers are able to attend the Pupillage Fair. Prices have been set to enable all pupillage providers to participate. Please select the 'booking' tab for further information.