Pro Bono Statistics

How do barristers provide Pro Bono support? 

Barristers provide pro bono support through a number of different routes. Approximately 1 in 5 barristers work through the Bar Pro Bono Unit but the most common route is informally through a solicitor client (37%). Other routes include day schemes such as CLIPS, through legal advise centres and via direct access. 

Through what route do barristers provide pro bono support?

% taking route and range in hours volunteered

Bar Pro Bono Unit

(21%) 1-100 hours pa

Other Schemes e.g. CLIPS etc.

(8%) 2-30 hours pa

Legal Advice Centres

(6%) 1-240 hours pa

Informally through a solicitor

(37.5%) 1-800 hours pa

Direct Access

(18%) 1-400 hours pa


(14%) 2-300 hours pa