This course provides an 8-hour mix of practical workshops, interactive teaching, and practical case studies in which you will develop, consolidate, and improve your skills as a mediator and an advocate. Theunique but tried and tested 'whist drive' course format sees you take the roles of mediator, observer, and respective participants on one occasion each in four specially written case studies which change every year and are tailored to offer mediation and advocacy challenges.

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19 February 2020, 9:00 - 17:00
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Training course

About the course

Exceeding the full annual Civil Mediation Council (CMC) CPD requirement, this unique course offers an update, a mediation masterclass demonstration of advanced skills, and a triage session for you to exercise your concerns in practice as an advocate and a mediator. 

What the session covers

The standard schedule for the day is:

AM (09:15 to 13:15): Mediation update and news, Masterclass of Advanced skills and one case study

PM (14:00 to 18:15): Three further case studies; triage session; consolidation/awards/mentoring.

What you will gain from the training

  • A refreshed ability to conduct mediations or mediation advocacy
  • An updated understanding of the use and application of mediation
  • A demonstration of advanced mediation skills and techniques
  • A mediation observation for accreditation purposes
  • The chance to compare and develop negotiation skills, knowledge, and insights
  • The opportunity to practice mediation skills under peer-mentoring conditions
  • Mediation and advocacy triage sessions on an anonymous basis
  • Access to long-term mentoring and ethical guidance/support
  • Certification as having completed Society of Mediators CPD
  • Civil Mediation Council annual CPD
  • Recognition by the Bar Council as having passed its approved course
  • Personal feedback and development advice from skilled course tutors
  • 8 hours of relevant CPD


Full price: £150 (plus VAT)
Bar Representation Fee member price: £125 (plus VAT)


8 hours

Please ensure your read our terms and conditions and privacy statement before booking.

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Paperless training packs

To minimise environmental impact and the amount of paper you have to carry with you, Bar Council training packs are paperless. As a delegate you will receive the materials you need for the training by email in advance, which you can access on your laptop or tablet or print in advace if required. 
Throughout the training, there will be references to various Bar Council guidance or external documents which are included as a hyperlink within the attendee workbook.