About the course

Clients attempting to sue barristers for alleged data breaches. The Bar Standards Board auditing the Bar on GPDR and Information Security. Growing demands and sanctions from solicitors and instructing bodies. Increased SARS from pupillage applicants and chambers staff.  Chambers targeted by cyber-criminals. Internal conflicts of interest between members. Emergency remote working procedures causing data breaches for barristers and clerks.

Three years after the implementation of the legislation, there is no doubt that GDPR compliance for the Bar continues to become more and more complex, with the risks to both professional reputations and financial livelihoods increasing.

This two-hour update, hosted by GDPR compliance specialists Briefed, will help you deal with the key issues, manage risk and avoid sanctions.


What does the course cover?

  • Summarise the key requirements of GDPR for Barristers and chambers
  • Identify where the biggest risks are occurring for barristers now GDPR has been in place for two years
  • Discuss real life data breaches experienced by barristers and how they were handled behind the scenes
  • Provide advice as to how to manage your GDPR compliance to avoid sanctions by the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Discuss new guidance from the Bar Standards Board on reporting data breaches to them.

Who should attend this awareness session?

  • Self-employed barristers, regardless of any specific role that they have within chambers
  • BSB entity owners
  • Sole practitioners
  • Chambers professionals, particularly those with overall responsibility for their set’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations

The session will give you a better understanding of:

  • Identifying and managing high risk areas within the administration of chambers and BSB entities, and the barristers’ private practice
  • Managing personal data to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations
  • How to maximise their responses to the key information risks section (4) of the Bar Standards Board’s Regulatory Return
  • Internal strategies and policies which support management of GDPR
  • The challenges and tactics of managing a data breach

The session will also allow for discussion as to ‘best practice’ and provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of like-minded peers.


There are no current dates confirmed for this course, but new dates will be announced soon.