EU Law Committee

Evanna Fruithof

Alexandria Carr - Mayer Brown International LLP
Tim Devlin - Furnival Chambers

Jessica Simor QC - Matrix Chambers

(Other) Bar Council Members
Grace Ong - Goldsmith Chambers
Rhodri Williams QC - 30 Park Place
Athena Markides - Crown Office Chambers
Richard Brent - 3 Vermulam Buildings
Gordon Nardell QC - 20 Essex street

Francis Barlow QC - Ten Old Square
Helen Malcolm - Three Raymond Buildings
Hugh Mercer QC - Essex Court Chambers
Timothy Scott QC - 29 Bedford Row
Jodie Blackstock - Justice
Simon Cox - Doughty Street Chambers
Philip Mead - Old Square Chambers
David Scannell - Brick Court Chambers
David Scorey - Essex Court Chambers
Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho - 39 Essex Chambers
Emma Himsworth QC - One Essex Court
Diana Deju - Government Legal Department


The Terms of Reference are:

  1. To monitor and address legal issues emanating from the European Communities including policy and legislative proposals from all of the EU institutions;
  2. To co-ordinate responses to policy issues and consultative documents, to liaise with the relevant Specialist Bar Associations, Circuits and Bar Council committees and the BSB on such issues and to make representations to the appropriate authorities.
  3. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.

About the Brussels office

The Brussels office is an important link between the Bar Council and the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. It is conveniently located within the same complex as the Austrian Bar, the French and German speaking Belgian Bar, the Czech Bar, the German Federal Bar, the Luxembourg Bar, and the Law Societies of England and Wales; Scotland; and Northern Ireland.

Our presence in Brussels enables the Bar Council to monitor legal developments within the European Union, influence debate on major issues and promote the interests of the Bar to the EU institutions. Close proximity to other Bars allows us to deepen ties with these organisations and their membership, build support for lobbying positions on the EU stage, pursue common interests in synergy and develop cross-border projects.

Our Bar Council representative, Evanna Fruithof, Consultant Director, publishes the Bar Council’s regular newsletter, Brussels News, providing a valuable overview of current issues. 

Contact the Brussels office

Tel: 00 322 230 4810
Fax: 00 322 230 4596
Email: Evanna Fruithof

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

The General Council of the Bar of England and Wales
Brussels office
Avenue des Nerviens 85
B-1040 Brussels