The justice system in England & Wales is at a tipping point. Once highly regarded as a vital public service, today’s system is widely acknowledged to be suffering from a decade of under-investment. 

The upcoming Spending Review is the only real opportunity for longstanding underfunding of the entire justice system to be addressed. In our submission, we urge the Government to adopt 5 recommendations to restore confidence and commitment in our justice system.

Our recommendations to the Treasury

  1. Properly invest in the justic budget by £2.48bn - an extra 22p per person per day 
  2. Level up to regenerate towns and cities, provide access to early legal advice to support the most vulnerable and help them succeed in life
  3. Provide a courts and tribunals system fit for the future
  4. Ensure the sustainability of the legal profession to deliver the administration of justice
  5. Protect England and Wales' position as a leading global legal centre