Bar Council governance

Our work is undertaken by an executive secretariat, and a number of committees of practitioners. The Bar Council membership is made up of approximately 115 barristers, who are elected or who represent the Inns, Circuits and other interest groups. The Bar Council meets about seven times a year. The Council elects its Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer.  

Bar Council membership, meetings and minutes

View the current members, upcoming meetings and meeting minutes.


All representational work of the Bar Council is undertaken by committees comprising barrister and lay members, and which are overseen by the General Management Committee.

Officers of the Bar Council

Bar Council officers are elected by Bar Council members, and serve from 1 January to 31 December.

Constitution and governing documents

Our Constitution, Standing Orders and appointments

Annual reports, strategic plan and financial statements

Our annual reports, strategic aims and past financial statements


Details about past and upcoming Bar Council elections


Opportunities to join a Bar Council committee or external organisation as a representative of the Bar Council.



Read the General Council of the Bar and Bar Standards Board Protocol for ensuring regulatory independence and the provision of assurance