We define barristers by their experience. A newly qualified barrister in their 50s would be as ‘young’ as a newly qualified barrister in their 20s. Both individuals would experience similar challenges in the early years of practice.

The Inside Guide to Life at the Bar

The Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committee has launched the Inside Guide to Life at the Bar for young barristers to help ensure everyone joining the Bar starts on an equal footing, with equal access to information and the opportunity to build a thriving practice.

It covers topics such as managing your finances, negotiating chambers and workplace politics, wellbeing, work allocation and managing your practice.

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Young Bar A-Z

The Young Bar A-Z Toolkit has been written by members of the Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committee, with input from clerks, solicitors, and Bar Council staff. The Toolkit covers some of the most common queries asked about developing your practice at the young Bar and is divided into two sections.
  1. Building and managing your practice A-Z
  2. Financial affairs, accounting and tax A-Z