General Management Committee

Vivien Kintu

Andrew Langdon QC - Chair of the Bar 

Andrew Walker QC - Chair-Elect of the Bar

Lorinda Long - Treasurer
Derek Sweeting QC - Chair Legal Services Committee
Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC - Chair Education & Training Committee
Rachel Langdale QC - Chair Ethics Committee
Amanda Pinto QC - Chair International Committee
Alexandra Healy QC & Susan Jacklin QC - Chair Remuneration Committee
Lucinda Orr - Chair Employed Barristers' Committee
Tim Devlin & Alexandria Carr - Chair's EU Law Committee
Robin Allen QC - Chair E&D & Social Mobility Committee
Fergus Randolph QC - Chair Law Reform Committee
Duncan McCombe - Chair Young Barristers' Committee
Richard Atkins QC - Chair Member Services Board
Alison Padfield - Chair Bar Pro Bono Board
Michael Hayton QC - Circuit Leader - Northern
Nigel Sangster QC - Circuit Leader - North-Eastern
Richard Atkins QC - Circuit Leader - Midlands
Paul Hopkins QC - Circuit Leader - Wales and Chester
Kerim Fuad QC - Circuit Leader - South Eastern
Bill Mousley QC - Circuit Leader - Western
Hugh Mercer QC - Circuit Leader - European
Francis Fitzgibbon QC - Chair Criminal Bar Association
Andrew Spink QC - Chair Commercial Bar Association
Amanda Tipples QC - Chair Chancery Bar Association
Philip Marshall QC - Chair Family Law Bar Association
Simon Broomfield - Chair BACFI
Brie Stevens-Hoare QC - Chair LCLCBA
Malcolm Cree - Chief Executive
Fiona Jackson - On invitation by the Chair
Paul Mendelle QC - On invitation by the Chair
Rob Weir QC - On invitation by the Chair
Nick Hill - On invitation by the Chair
Rick Hoyle - On invitation by the Chair


 The Terms of Reference are:

  1. To formulate proposals for the Bar Council's strategy and priorities and to keep these under review;
  2. To keep under review all matters of policy affecting the Bar with a view to submitting proposals to the Bar Council in relation to major issues and making representations to the BSB where the matter is regulatory in nature;
  3. To advise the Finance Committee on budgetary requirements, and determine budgetary priorities within the parameters laid down in the Bar Council Finance Manual;
  4. To hold the Executive to account for (i) the delivery of the Bar Council's strategy and priorities and (ii) effective overall management of the Bar Council's affairs;
  5. To give direction to the representative committees on their activities in fulfilment of Bar Council objectives and priorities, and hold them to account for effective and efficient delivery of their business plans;
  6. To keep under review and, where necessary, formulate proposals for the amendment of Standing Orders and the Bar Council's constitutional arrangements and all procedural matters affecting the Bar Council's business. In matters affecting the BSB, the GMC will consult the BSB before submitting proposals to the Council for approval.


The following representative committees report to the GMC:

a.       Legal Services Committee;
b.       Education and Training Committee;
c.       Ethics Committee;
d.       International Committee;
e.       Employed Barristers' Committee;
f.        Remuneration Committee;
g.       Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility Committee;
h.       Law Reform Committee;
i.        Young Barristers' Committee;
j.        EU Law Committee;
k.       Bar Representation Board;
l.        Bar Pro Bono Board.