Deborah Tompkinson

1.      Where do you practise?


2.      What area do you specialise in?

My practice is a mixture of PI and commerical/contract.

3.      What was your route into the profession?

In summary: after an initially conventional route of a law degree, Bar School and pupillage,  I left the Bar to run a Lloyd's syndicate claims box.  After than I worked for approximately 10 years as a solicitor specialising in reinsurance and insurance, had a brief stint in-house and returned to the Bar.

4.      What attracted you to the Bar?

Advocacy, argument, the thrill of the chase, and solving problems.

5.      What is the best thing about your career?

The high levels of intellectual stimulation, both from the job and my professional colleagues and clients.  

6.      What is the worst thing about your career?

 The best results are achieved only by unrelenting and generally tedious preparation.

7.      What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring barrister?

If you cannot lose gracefully, think accurate use of English is pedantry, this is not for you.