The Bar in England and Wales is divided into six regions, which are more commonly known as "Circuits". The Circuits provide important sources of support, advice and representation for barristers practising in those areas. They provide a range of services to the members in their respective geographical areas, maintain lines of communication with all parts of the legal system, including the courts, and are represented on the Bar Council through the Circuit Leaders. They liaise closely with the local court service, Crown Prosecution Service and other bodies as well as providing important training and social events for barristers.

In addition, the Bar of England and Wales has established the European Circuit of the Bar of England and Wales. The European Circuit aims to bring together barristers working in Europe, whether in chambers or employed by European institutions or companies, barristers of England and Wales whose practice includes work in European and international law, and members of other European Bars who are practising in England and Wales under the provisions of the EU Establishment and Services Directorate.

The Midland Circuit

Leader:  Michael Duck QC
Circuit Secretary: Sue Mann

Website: Midland Circuit

The Northern Circuit

Leader: Michael Hayton QC
Administrator: Susan Chisholme

Website: Northern Circuit

The North Eastern Circuit

Leader: Nigel Sangster QC   
Administrator:  Suzy Trott

Website: North Eastern Circuit       

The South Eastern Circuit

Leader: Mark Fenhalls QC
Secretary/Administrator: Aaron Dolan                

Website: South Eastern Circuit   

The Wales and Chester Circuit

Leader: Paul Hopkins QC
Secretary/Administrator: Abi Hobson   

Website: Wales and Chester Circuit         

The Western Circuit

Leader: Bill Mousley QC 
Circuit Secretary: Charlotte Feest   

Western Circuit website    

The European Circuit

Leader: Hugh Mercer QC 

Website: European Circuit