Bar Pro Bono Committee

Executive = Sam Mercer

Chair: Leanne Targett-Parker - 7 Harrington Street Chambers

Vice-Chair: TBC



Gary Blaker QC - Selborne Chambers

Andrew Moran QC - Serle Court

Toby Brown - South Square

Jess Campbell - Chief Executive, Advocate

Eleanor Holland - 4 Stone Buildings

Natasha Joffe - Outer Temple Chambers

Samantha Singer - Queen Elizabeth Building

Sarah Phillimore - St. John's Chambers

Rory Cochrane - Devereux Chambers

Paula Sofowora - Director of Legal, Risk and Compliance, International Planned Parenthood Foundation


The terms of reference of the Committee are:

a. To gather from time to time information about the Bar's pro bono activity (including pro bono legal work and non-legal voluntary work; 

b. To review from time to time the Bar's pro bono activities and to consider efficiencies and/or solutions where necessary;

c. To engage with others in the pro bono community and elsewhere in relation to pro bono matters on behalf of the Bar Council;

d. To liaise with the Communications and Marketing Team about increasing the awareness and knowledge of the Bar's pro bono activity;

e. To take such other steps in relation to the Bar's pro bono activity as appear to the Bar Pro Bono Committee to be in the interests of justice and in the interests of the Bar