EU Law Committee


Executive =  Evanna Fruithof

Chair = Rhodri Thompson QC - Matrix Chambers

Vice-Chair = Jessica Simor QC - Matrix Chambers

Vice-Chair = Alexandria Carr - HSBC



Francis Barlow QC - Ten Old Square

Maya Lester QC - Brick Court Chambers

Helen Malcolm QC - Three Raymond Buildings

Hugh Mercer QC - Essex Court Chambers

Gordon Nardell QC - 20 Essex Street

Timothy Scott QC - 29 Bedford Row

Rhodri Williams QC - 30 Park Place

Adrian Berry - Garden Court Chambers

Jodie Blackstock - Justice

Richard Brent - 3 Vermulam Buildings

Celina Colquhoun - No5 Chambers

Simon Cox - Doughty Street Chambers

Neil Garrod - 2KBW

Emma Himsworth QC - One Essex Court

Anneli Howard - Monckton Chambers

Athena Markides - Crown Office Chambers

Philip Mead - Old Square Chambers

Grace Ong - Goldsmith Chambers

David Scannell - Brick Court Chambers

Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho - 39 Essex Chambers


The terms of reference of the Committee are:

a. To monitor and address legal issues emanating from the European Union ("EU") including policy and legislative proposals from the EU institutions;

b. To co-ordinate responses to policy issues and consultative documents, to liaise with the relevant Specialist Bar Associations, circuits and Bar Council committees on such issues and to make representations to the appropriate authorities;

c. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.