Winning essay entries


Winner: Josephine Teale - "Myths, Misconceptions and #MeToo: Expert Evidence in Historic Sexual Offence Trials"
Runner-up: Amy Woolfson - "Not a silver bullet... but a bullet nonetheless: Ending the ban on the use of intercept material in criminal proceedings"
Best CPE/GDL entry: Lucy McCann - "A case for extending the Freedom of Information Act (2000) to private companies delivering public services through government contracts"
Runner-up CPE/GDL entry: Edward Mordaunt - "Quamdiu bene se gesserint: Reforming The Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993"
Highly commended: Katie Ratcliffe - "'Who wants to live forever?' Determining the future of online social accounts in intestacy"
Highly commended: Christopher Eames - "Taxing Tech: Bringing Permanent Establishment into the 21st Century"


Winner: Ian McDonald - "One rule for all: An end to the Abouloff double standard on fraud and foreign judgments"
Runner-up: Mark Ong - "Connecting mental disorders to physical ones: an autonomy-centric reform of nonconsensual treatment under S63 of the Mental Health Act 1983"
Best CPE/GDL entry: Clarissa Wigoder - "Spare the rod: Why the law on corporal punishment needs to be reformed"
Runner up CPE/GDL entry: Daniel Fox - "I hate being idle: Asylum seekers and the right to work"
Highly commended: Katherine Wright - "When clinical becomes criminal: Reforming medical manslaughter"
Highly commended: Sophie Smith-Holland - "It's not you...and it's not me, either: The case for no-fault divorce in England and Wales"


Winner: Samuel Linehan - "Putting the wheels back on: a better approach to compensation for miscarriages of justice"
 Jake Richards -  "The Law of Surrogacy: 'a ticking legal time-bomb'"
Best CPE/GDL entry: 
Phoebe Whitlock -  "Rivalling Silicon Valley: The Case for the Reform of the Software Patents"
Runner up CPE/GDL entry: 
Kajetan Wandowicz -  "Pay more or leave the barber's with your hair half-cut: why Williams v Roffey Bros should be reversed by Parliament"
Highly commended: 
Amelia Highnam - "I do, I don't or a happy medium: Extending the reach of civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples"
Highly commended:
Elizabeth Anderson - "Single Parents and Surrogacy" 


Winner: Emma Fitzsimons - "Rage Against the Machines: Post-strike scrutiny for targeted killings"
Runner-up: Lewis Hadler - "What's Wrong With Adultery? An argument to modernise the definition of adultery in divorce law"
Best CPE/GDL entry: Alex du Sautoy - "Electorally Challenged: Protecting Democracy through the Creation of a Public Petitioner"
Runner up CPE/GDL entry: Hannah Daly - "Innocent until proven guilty? Sexual offences and the anonymity of defendants"
Highly commended: Edward Dean - "Realising Education and Training 2020: a European Student Loan Repayment Facility"
Highly commended: Michal Hain - "Death as a Choice: in defence of assisted suicide"


Winner: Charlotte Baker - "Womb for Improvement: Enforcing Qualifying Surrogacy Agreements in England and Walest"
Runner-up: George White - "Lost on penalties: reconsidering the rule against contractual penalty clauses"
Best CPE/GDL entry: Ben Fulbrook - "Monkey See, Monkey Do Something About This Law: A Proposal to Reform the Communications Act 2003"
Runner up CPE/GDL entry: Sarah Pughe - "Quotas and the Issue of Women's Representation: a Proposed Electoral Reform"
Highly commended: Stephanie Wickenden - "Artistic Works and Artists' Rights- Redrawing the law"


Winner: Ross Beaton - "Assisted Dying - A Legal Problem and a Proposal for Reform"
Runner-up: Samuel Willis - "The Policeman's Kettle: Arguing for the Reform of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights"
Best CPE/GDL entry: Feriha Tayfur - "Child Abuse in the UK: Witchcraft and Possession"
Runner up CPE/GDL entry: Tom Hewitson - "For Your Eyes Only: The case for reform of the Official Secrets Act 1989"
Highly commended: Catherine Flint - "For Never Was a Story of More Woe, Than This of Juliet and Her Romeo"
Highly commended: Matthew Hodgetts - "Not Helping the Police with Their Enquiries: Reforming the Law of Arrest"


Winner: Jeremy Goldsmith - "'The Frustration of Genuine Wills': Time for a Dispensing Power?"
Runner-up: Sam Jacobs - "Me and Mr Jones: Advocating Time Limits for Immigration Detention"
Winner CPE Category - Clementine Maddock - "Are Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Protecting Vulnerable Adults? The Case for Reform"
Runner-up CPE Category:  Mek Mesfin - "The Case for Compulsory Prior Notification in Privacy Cases"
Highly commended: Yvonne Afia Kramo - "The Illusory Right to Liberty: Improving Access to Immigration Bail"
Highly commended: Vivien Siew - "Human Rights in the Context of Community Care: Moving Beyond Patchwork Reform"


Winner: Emily Barritt - "Affording Access to Justice - An Argument for a Formalised System of PCOs in Environmental Law Cases"
Runner-up: Emma Williams - "Credit Where Credit is Due: Reforming a Benefit Recipient's First Right of Appropriation"
Winner CPE category: Daisy Ricketts - "Strengthening the Rule of Law: Reforming the Scope of Parliamentary Privilege"
Runner-up CPE category: Joseph Opara -"Law Reform on Conditional Consent: Whose Choice is it Anyway?" 


Winner: Eirwen-Jane Pierrot - "Escaping Diplomatic Impunity"
Runner-up: Robert Amey - "Taking Slander Seriously" 
Winner CPE category: Calum Docherty - "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Reforming Fair Dealing in English Copyright Law" 


Winner: Tom Cleaver - "Sic semper monopoliis: Modernising the law of markets and fairs"
Runner-Up: Liam Loughlin - "Reforming the Law Concerning Physician Assisted Suicide"
Winner CPE Category: Thomas Hope - "Bringing some Sanity to the Insanity Defence: Reforming the Reverse Persuasive Burden of Proof"
Runner-Up CPE Category: James Hamerton-Stove - "Shifting the Burden in English Defamation Law"


Winner: Nathan Rasiah - "To Prosecute or to Extradite? A Duty to Consider the Appropriate Venue in Cases of Concurrent Criminal Jurisdiction"
Winner CPE Category: Lucy Gibson - "Improving health and safety for freelancers: the case for greater statutory protection for workers"


Winner: Louise Bloor - "Subjecting contracted-out public services to judicial scrutiny"
Winner CPE Category: Katherine Lim - "The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP): A Proposal for Reform"


Winner: Rowan Pennington-Benton - "A Fresh Look at the Regime Governing Protective/Pre-Emptive Costs Victims"
Winner CPE Category: Thomas Simcock - "Change the Law Surrounding the Playing of Poker in Clubs"


Winner: Elizabeth Dean - "Non-Responsibility: A New Verdict in the Age of Unreason"
Winner CPE Category: Christopher Nicols - "The Special Educational Needs Pendulum"


Winner: Clive Wolman - "Facilitating Shareholder Class Actions: Proposals for reform"
Winner CPE Category: Conrad Purcell - "The UK Planning System Should be Changed to Allow Third Parties the Right to Appeal Against the Granting of Planning Permission"