Aim 5 - Promoting equality and diversity across the Bar

We are committed to working with and across the profession to widen access, improve retention and support the progression of under-represented groups, particularly those with protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010, and high achieving individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Our overall aim is that the Bar should be a profession representative of all, and for all. That is what we shall work for. We will particularly resist any pressure on the publicly-funded Bar that would be likely to reduce the diversity of the profession.

Working independently, as well as with and through others (including the Inns of Court, the Circuits and the Specialist Bar Associations), we will:

  • Enhance understanding of E&D and Social Mobility (e.g. by creating a centre of expertise and hub of pertinent information for the Bar)

  • Speak out on any proposed changes that would be likely reduce the diversity of the Bar and on any matters which impede progression and retention of those with particular protected characteristics

  • Provide information and advice (e.g. giving practical support to chambers and barristers on equality and diversity issues [including compliance with BSB E&D Rules], and by improving careers literature)

  • Identify, develop and disseminate good practice and deliver innovative programmes which support our aims (such as the Bar Placement Week), and

  • Ensure that the Bar Council (as AR) complies with the Public Sector Equality Duty.