Other vacancies

To all practising self-employed Juniors under 7 years in practice: notice of a Bar Council vacancy (approximately 16 months)

A Bar Council vacancy has arisen in the category of 'self-employed junior under 7 years in practice'.   In line with Part II, 7(d) of the Bar Council's constitution, this may now be filled by appointment.  The  term will commence as soon as practicable in September 2019 and end on 31 December 2020.

Expressions of interest are therefore invited from practisingself-employed Juniors under 7 years in practicewho wish to join the Bar Council.All candidates must beself-employed Juniors under 7 years in practice.  Members of the Bar Council are expected to attend Saturday morning Bar Council meetings and all candidates must hold a valid practising certificate. 

This is a good opportunity to gain an insight into the work of the Bar Council and to have a voice on issues affecting the profession.

Candidates are asked to submit a short statement of no more than 200 words to demonstrate their suitability for the post by 4pm on Friday 9 August to Elections@BarCouncil.org.uk. These statements will be circulated to Bar Council 2019 members who will each vote for their preferred candidate. It is anticipated that the results will be made known by the end of August.

Further information regarding membership of Bar Council can be found in the Constitution, here. Alternatively, please email Elections@BarCouncil.org.uk with any queries you may have.