Records Assistant, Central Services

I joined the Bar Council at the start of May 2011, a month after many various temp jobs with other organisations had ended. I remember now looking back at the moment I got the call from the agency informing me of the " excellent opportunity" that awaited me and how I was "the perfect candidate for the Records Assistant role".

After being greeted and welcomed I was shown around and introduced to my colleagues who were all very warm and welcoming. 

During the interview the panel put me at ease which really allowed me to put across my strengths and what, in my opinion, I could bring to the position (I had imagined it might be like a board room meeting from an episode of The Apprentice). I waited anxiously the following day for news as to whether or not I had got the job. I knew that the competition had been tough and that many other candidates were being considered for the position. I just hoped that my background in Records Management and Document Control was enough to get me the job. The call came at lunchtime the following day as I was still continuing to apply for other jobs (you have to keep your options open). However, unknown to me my long days of endless job applications and registration forms where about to come to an end. I got offered the job and was extremely happy to accept straight away (I never was good at playing it cool).

After my acceptance it dawned on me - could I really do this job? My experience in the legal profession and my knowledge of barristers was very limited. Any doubt I had was soon put to rest as I got off the train the first morning and looked around at the city of London. I took in the view of London Eye standing in front of me. I could tell my start to city life was going to be a happy one. I walked through the doors into reception and asked for the person who I needed to see. After being greeted and welcomed I was shown around and introduced to my colleagues who were all very warm and welcoming. Once I was shown to my work space I was given a more in depth introduction as to what the Bar Council does and how my role fit into the organisation.

I have since learnt an incredible amount of information about barristers and what the Bar Council does for them. As well as utilising the skills I've gained in previous employment I have also built upon them by doing new tasks. No two days are ever the same in my role whether processing payments, issuing Certificates of Good Standing, or issuing Practising Certificates which has become my most enjoyable task of the day. There is always something to keep me on my toes. With each call from a barrister or each record I update, I am learning new skills every day and can tell that, as an individual employee, and with the support and team spirit my department, my time here will go from strength to strength.