SBA Services Supervisor, Representation and Policy

I joined the Bar Council in September 1995 when my children were independent enough for me to make the move back to London to work. My career started in London when, on leaving college, I began work for Thomson Newspapers, who were then owners of the Times, Sunday Times and Thomson Regional Newspapers. After a brief spell on the Sunday Times Colour Magazine, I moved to the regional newspaper group working for the travel correspondent. There were some free trips, but not many, the highlight of which was going on the inaugural flight of the Airbus. After getting married and having the first of my two sons I worked locally, first in football (Millwall and Charlton Athletic) and then in the motor industry.

Returning to London at the Bar Council was quite frankly a shock to the system but now I can't imagine working anywhere else. My previous roles within the organisation have involved working for the Executive Secretary of the Bar Services and IT Committee (now disbanded) and as PA to the Head of Administration on a maternity cover contract. Happily, I have ended up in the Member Services Department working as the SBA Services Supervisor, where I have been for the past ten years.

I can't imagine working anywhere else. 

I head a team of three people who carry out administration for various Specialist Bar Associations. I personally look after the Family Law Bar Association, the Employment Law Bar Association, the Institute of Barristers' Clerks and the Technology and Construction Bar Association. My work involves managing the membership databases, taking subscription payments, organising events such as conferences, dinners and lectures, dealing with members' enquiries, maintaining websites and much more.

My clients are all great to work with and very appreciative of everything I do for them. One of the highlights has been meeting the Queen at an FLBA Cumberland Lodge Conference in Windsor Great Park. The then Chairman, Anthony Kirk QC, persuaded me to go to Royal Chapel for the Sunday morning service. When the Queen is in residence in Windsor she always goes to Chapel on Sunday and after the service she came out and was introduced to us. It was a very informal occasion and totally unexpected. I was shaking for several hours afterwards.

I must say that I love my job. I have a great boss and the rest of the team is fantastic too. Is there a downside? No, I don't think there is. I have seen the Bar Council grow from a small, somewhat disjointed organisation (it was once spread over three different buildings) into the efficient, professional body it is now. The people who work at the Bar Council are a diverse, dedicated and friendly bunch and I have made some lasting friendships. Am I glad that I stuck it out 16 years ago - absolutely!