Barristers: volunteer for the Pupillage Fair 2024 CV clinic

Calling practising barristers

Are you keen to share your knowledge with the next generation of practitioners?

The Bar Council invites you to lead CV and application clinic sessions with aspiring barristers at the Bar Council Pupillage Fair 2024, taking place in-person on Saturday 19 October.

The CV and application clinic sessions are among the most popular features of the Pupillage Fair, with hundreds of students and aspiring barristers in attendance, so the need for volunteers is high.

How it works

The one-to-one sessions will last up to 15 minutes, and volunteer barristers can take on up to 4 sessions per hour. You can deliver as many sessions as you like during the day.

During each one-to-one session, the aspiring barrister brings along a CV or application form that they would like to discuss and receive feedback on. You'll have time to read the document and spend time talking to them, providing your feedback and tips on how they may be able to improve it.