Bar Council election results

23 October 2014

The results of the election for the 2015 Bar Council have now been announced, and the following people have been elected.

Self-Employed Barristers

Queen's Counsel

  • Michael Duggan QC

Over 7 Years' Call

  • Alison Padfield

  • Sarah Crowther

  • Richard G Jones

  • Colin Andress

  • Thomas Payne

  • Louisa Nye

  • Daniel Sternberg

  • Grace Ong (two-year term)

  • Andrew Granville Stafford (two-year term)

 Under 7 Years' Call

  • Duncan McCombe

  • Anna Macey

  • Richard Gibbs

  • Michael David Jones


Employed Barristers

Queen's Counsel or over 7 Years' Call

  • Michael Jennings

  • Lucinda Orr

  Under 7 Years' Call

  • Charlotte Pope-Williams


To view the entire list of elected and non-elected candidates, please click here.