Bar Council election results

22 October 2015

The results of the election for the 2016 Bar Council have now been announced, and the following people have been elected. 

Self-employed QCs

  • Robin Allen QC
  • Derek Sweeting QC
  • Nick Vineall QC 

Self-employed Juniors over seven years' Call

  • Gemma de Cordova
  • Tim Devlin
  • Shobana Iyer
  • James Keeley
  • Eleanor Mawrey
  • Jacqueline Wall
  • Victoria Caroline Yates

Self-employed Juniors under seven years' Call

  • Tom Cockroft
  • Richard Hoyle
  • Athena Markides
  • Francesca O'Neill 

Employed QCs or Juniors over seven years' Call

  • Steven Bramley CBE
  • Richard Posner
  • Angharad Mary Price
  • Grant Warnsby

Employed Juniors under seven years' Call

No nominations were received in this category. An exercise will be undertaken in due course to fill the casual vacancies.


To view the entire list of elected and non-elected candidates, please click here .