Bar Council joins forces with Legalex 2017

28 February 2017

With over 3000 legal professionals attending the Legalex conference, they will hear about an easier and safer way for clients to pay legal fees, protecting them against anti-money laundering. This opportunity will also look at the new advanced ways of work between a solicitor and a barrister, and how the profession generates more profit by marketing legal services to SME market, according to the Bar Council. 

The Bar adapts to changing circumstances and presents creative solutions to address future and current challenges. BARCO, created in 2013 is the Bar Council's third party escrow account, enabling lawyers to manage their legal costs with reassurance and security as well as eliminating financial risks. This service has generated popularity with several law firms. On the other hand, with the rising interest in Direct Access, the profession has seen a growing market which has enabled them to generate more business and build their clientele.   

Danielle Wright, the Commercial Development Manager at the Bar Council will be giving a stimulating talk on Direct Access. She said: ''The conference is a good opportunity for forward thinking legal professionals to develop their business and seek solutions. The introduction of Direct Access can assist in building progressive relationships whether they are SME, individuals or solicitors. With this in mind, some barristers in self-employed practice are not authorised litigators, thus barristers are limited to issue proceedings, instruct an expert witness, put in applications or notices of appeal etc. Therefore, keeping a good relationship between solicitor and barrister is a potential profit for both sides. To hear more, be sure to join me on the Tuesday 28th April to explore new opportunities'." 

Paul Mosson, Director of Services for the Bar Council and BARCO, said ''BARCO operates throughout England and Wales and in more than 17 other countries around the globe, enabling international clients to pay in their own currency. It is a trustworthy and transparent solution to manage legal costs that reduces credit risk and provides flexibility. This is an inexpensive and secure option that works with all areas of Law, adapting to different types of legal entities and catering for business' needs. An innovative solution for outsourcing the handling of client account." 

Legalex is the UK's first, largest and fastest growing legal event dedicated to ambitious legal professionals by bringing innovative industry suppliers and the latest business solutions - one of the main reasons, it was imperative for the Bar Council to partner up! It brings an opportunity for all those involved in the legal sector to take advantage of tips on how to improve, expand, and grow their business. 

To find out more about Legalex 2017 or to book your free ticket, visit the Legalex website