Can you pledge 25 hours of pro bono in 2023?

Advocate, the Bar’s national pro bono charity, have launched their new initiative for 2023, the Pro Bono Pledge

After the success of Advocate’s 25th anniversary initiative, 25 for 25: The Pro Bono Challenge, in which 356 volunteers, from 125 Chambers, took on an astounding 15,434 hours of pro bono work in one year, Advocate are looking for barristers to once again support those in dire need of legal help, who cannot obtain legal aid or afford a barrister. It still represents just a fraction of the Bar’s pro bono work but Advocate want to build a better understanding of the breadth of volunteering and recognise the widespread contributions.

To take part in the #ProBonoPledge Advocate are asking barristers to pledge 25 hours of pro bono work in 2023. Think you can? Pledge your hours here.

They also have an initiative specifically for pupils, the #PupilPledge, in which Advocate is asking pupils to pledge one piece of pro bono work, during their second six.

For both initiatives, pro bono work can be taken on through any pro bono scheme, charity, law clinic, or community group, not just through Advocate. These initiatives are designed to promote and recognise all pro bono work happening at the Bar.

Once the respective goals are reached, pledgers will receive celebratory logos that can be used in their email signatures and Chambers profiles.

The Chair of the Bar, Nick Vineall KC, stresses that "Even an hour or two of advice can make a difference – the law is a complex maze for litigants in person. Please consider making pro bono a part of your practice in 2023."

Register here to pledge today and provide that lifeline.

If you are not already registered to volunteer with Advocate, sign up here!

Bryony Wells is the Engagement Manager at Advocate.