The Bar Council is delighted to have prompted the first ever visit to the International Dispute Resolution Centre by a UK Government minister in its 23-year history. Mike Freer MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) with responsibility for courts and legal services, was taken on a tour of the IDRC in London this morning by Chief Executive Damian Hickman.

Following the tour, the Minister met with Nick Vineall KC (Chair of the Bar Council), Audley Sheppard KC (Clifford Chance), Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof (Director General of the LCIA), David Steward (President of the LMAA), and Jonathan Wood (Chair of International Arbitration, RPC).

Chair of the Bar Nick Vineall KC said:

“I am so pleased that the IDRC was able to showcase its fantastic facilities for international dispute resolution, and grateful for MoJ interest in – and support for – English and Welsh legal services. Legal services contribute tens of billions to the UK economy and in 2021 posted a trade surplus of £5.4bn.

“We look forward to working with the MoJ and other stakeholders to promote the three features of international English and Welsh legal services which we regard as so valuable. Firstly, promoting the use of English and Welsh law as the preeminent choice for commercial dispute resolution. Secondly, promoting the use of London as a centre for international dispute resolution. And thirdly, promoting the use of our legal services overseas, provided by English and Welsh solicitors and barristers who work outside the UK, both advising and drafting, and as part of dispute resolution processes taking place overseas.”

Nine people standing in a horseshoe in front of a screen that says International Dispute Resolution Centre
Justice Minister Mike Freer MP (centre) met with Chair of the Bar Nick Vineall KC and leaders in international arbitration.