The Bar Council's manifesto for justice makes the case for change and sets out 8 recommendations needed for reform and investment across the justice sector for the next government. 



The next government should:



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A strong, effective and properly funded justice system

1. Establish a Royal Commission on the criminal justice system

2. Ensure that Crown Court trials have a start date within six months of the first hearing

3. Invest to secure a sustainable and resilient justice system that commands public trust and confidence

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Access to justice

4. Recognise the courts as a vital public service that is the foundation stone of a good society – just like schools and hospitals

5. Support communities by providing easily accessible and trusted early legal advice – online and locally

6. Ensure access to justice by widening the scope of legal aid eligibility across civil, family and crime

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Uphold the rule of law

7. Uphold, respect, and promote the rule of law

8. Promote the Bar’s position as an internationally respected world leader and recognise the value of legal services



Manifesto for justice 8 recommendations and 3 themes - full text on page
Manifesto for justice 8 recommendations under three themes (click or tap image to open)