Today (24 January) marks the 10th Day of the Endangered Lawyer, a day to acknowledge and reflect on the significant risk lawyers across the world face in upholding the rule of law. This year we focus on Pakistan, whose lawyers have been subject to death threats, physical attacks, harassment and much more in carrying out their professional duties.

Since the notorious bombing of Pakistani lawyers in Quetta in 2016, attacks have continued, causing serious fear for the safety of legal professionals.

Amanda Pinto QC, Chair of the Bar Council of England and Wales, said: “The situation in Pakistan remains extremely concerning. For the rule of law to exist, lawyers and members of the judiciary must be able to fulfil their role in defending the rights and freedom of citizens, without fear of persecution or attack. On this day, the Bar Council stands in solidarity with our colleagues who are at risk around the world and calls, in particular, on the Pakistani government to take immediate steps, to ensure the safety of its lawyers.”

To mark the day, the Bar Council has also published a guest blog by a member of its International Committee, Patrick Duffy: ‘It doesn’t take a lawyer to ask ‘where’s the justice in that’?